Water Damage Photo Gallery

Landscaping gone wrong. Water damage from landscapers

Sometime in August this Mesa home was intruded by its sprinkler system. Something had gone wrong, seriously wrong. A sprinkler head had been knocked cockeyed and was spraying directly at home. Within minutes the pressure from the sprinkler had created a whole into the house. The hole was great for all the insects and pest that wanted in, not so much for the homeowner.

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Mesa AZ Water Damage at a Hoarder House

This was a water damage loss that occurred at the house of a hoarder in Mesa, AZ. Hoarding is an issue that has gained a lot of attention lately in the news and on popular tv shows. The water damage, in this case, caused almost everything in the house to become non-salvageable because it took so long to begin to pack it out that mold ran rampant through the whole house. Mold generally starts to grow within 48 to 72 hours after water damage has occurred. Look for our blog post on the hoarding house for more information!

Fallen Insulation from Water Damage

This picture was from a water damage job SERVPRO of North Central Mesa worked on in Mesa, AZ. One of the issues from the cellulose insulation is that when it gets wet it also gets extremely heavy. This is especially an issue when there is a roof leak and the insulation in the ceiling gets wet and brings the inside structure of the roof collapses from the weight. 

Reconstruction of Bathroom from Water Damage

A Faulty toilet shut off valve caused this flood. (Click the link to find out how to check yours) This is the before and after shot of the bathroom. San Tan Valley, AZ

Entertainment Area Reconstruction from Water Damage Job.

This is a before and after shot from an entertainment center area from a water damage restoration in San Tan Valley, AZ The cause of the water damage was a faulty toilet shutoff valve.

Water Damage Restoration Client San Tan Valley AZ

SERVPRO of North Central Mesa client in San Tan valley AZ had a flood in the top floor that caused the whole bottom floor to be restored. This is a picture of the stairs.


Most household floods and water damage are caused by plumbing or appliance failure. Having the dishwasher flood your kitchen, especially while you are gone is a dreaded nightmare to renters and homeowners that can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair costs. Make sure that Appliance maintenance is done quarterly to insure your household items are safe and fully functioning.