Cleaning Photo Gallery

Disaster Recovery in Electronics

Remetronix is a new vendor for our SERVPRO team, which provides quality restoration services for high-tech equipment damaged by disasters such as fires, floods, environmental contaminants and construction debris. They can also help with Preventive Maintenance. It can be scheduled on a daily or weekly basis and can save on costly future repairs. They’re helping SERVPRO be able to handle any size disaster, from a large commercial fire, to a small single circuit board.

Blind auction

This refrigerator is just one part of a double wide trailer that had been sold off in a silent auction. The owners got it for a great price, that was until they finally went inside to see their spoils. Turns out some animals left some smelly presents for them, along with some expired cheese in an unplugged refrigerator.

Shortly after finding this, the owners called the people that they trust most. SERVPRO of North Central Mesa arrived on scene, ready to clean.

After a month of the refrigerator not being on, the cheese started to mold and maggots started to form all over. Cleaning was not easy, but definitely doable.

Carpet or upholstery damage

How often do you think couches and seats need to be cleaned? It depends on many different factors like how much it's in use and if you have pets and animals. In reality, they should be cleaned just as much as your carpet, both attract dirt and debris.