Commercial Photo Gallery

Mold Remediation at Arizona Bank and Trust in Gilbert AZ

This was a mold remediation job by SERVPRO of North Central Mesa at Arizona Bank and Trust in Gilbert Arizona. They had a mold growth issue in their electrical room. We were able to take care of the mold quickly and were in and out in just a few hours. 

Water Loss at Mesa's Arizona Golf Resort

This picture was from a water extraction job by SERVPRO of North Central Mesa in Mesa, AZ at the Arizona Golf Resort. The flooding was due to a summer monsoon storm common in Arizona. The job consisted of water extraction and roof tarping.

Sonic Fire in Gilbert AZ

This is a picture of the kitchen equipment from a Sonic Drive-in Fire in Gilbert AZ. The cause of the fire was a fire that started out in the fryer. Part of our job at SERVPRO of North Central Mesa is to work with the insurance adjuster and go through the equipment to see what can be salvaged and what can't be salvaged. 

Dr. Pringle Global Integrative Medicine

This is the store front of Dr. M. Pringle Medical Practice. She is an entrepreneur, who works with medicine from across the world to help others. She had a water heater issue at her office that required some Professional help. With just a quick phone call our SERVPRO team went into action and were there to help. 

Removing Water Sherwin-Williams Paints

This is the Front of the Paint Store Sherwin-Williams located off of Main street in Mesa, Arizona. The recent storm's have taken a tole on some of the Local business. If you or another business has had any issue's with your Commercial building give us a call, and we'll make it "Like it never even happened."


After a microburst in Mesa this pawn shop's roof had some serious issues, which then caused water to get in their duct system. Once they realized how big this job really was they called the people they could trust most. That of course was SERVPRO of North Central Mesa. Once we got inside and took some samples, it turned out they also had asbestos.

When we find out that there is asbestos in a building, it requires quite the extensive amount of protection. We have to call a third party to come out and take more samples, then there is the extra protective equipment we use. Long story short, it made a big step back from opening doors.