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Should I Check a Mold Remediation Company's Certifications?

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Why Certifications are Important text with employees in background Why Certifications are Important text with employees in background

When considering hiring mold remediation experts to eliminate mold damage to your home in Mesa, AZ, you may come across a variety of firms advertising specialized mold certifications. But what distinguishes a company that has been certified for mold removal, and is there any significance in employing such a firm?

Who Approves Mold Remediation Companies? And what does this imply for you?

Mold removal companies and certified mold experts that have been evaluated and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Remediation Certification (IICRC) are recognized as being competent to provide mold services effectively. The IICRC provides a framework for defining appropriate cleaning, remediation, and restoration procedures for a wide range of services. This implies that certified companies have:

  • Attained in-depth expertise on mold identification
  • Are trained in safe methods for mold remediation and elimination
  • Technicians have been trained in the handling of microbial substances

Obtaining these certifications necessitates a substantial amount of training and study for both businesses and individual technicians, as well as inspection of cleaning, detoxification, and restoration processes.

Why Does Certification Matter?

Certification means accountability and protection for you as a consumer. Certified mold remediation companies and technicians are held to a particular standard required to maintain their certification and remain in good standing with the IICRC. As a result, you are secure in the knowledge that your home will be properly cleaned and repaired following mold removal.

Protect Yourself

It's feasible to get mold removal experts without certification, but keep in mind that certification means you'll receive greater protections than you would with non-certified professionals and firms. Mold detection, cleaning, and prevention is a difficult task requiring extensive understanding of safety procedures as well as appropriate interactions with fungal agents and microbial spores. When it comes to mold removal, the most reputable companies provide certified mold remediation services for a fair price. In some regions, certified mold remediation may cost more than untested ones. As a result, it's always a good idea to double-check the status of a mold remediator's certification.

3 Steps To Help Your Home Recover Quickly From Water Damage

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text "Steps to quickly recover from water damage "Steps to quickly recover from water damage

Three Steps To Help Your Home Recover From Water Damage Quickly

Water damage can strike at any time, even when you least expect it. If your house in Mesa, AZ has been damaged by broken pipes or other problems due to water, you may be wondering how to go about the seemingly difficult job of water cleanup. Fortunately, there are a few easy measures you can take to assist your property to recover from water damage.

1. Dry Out

It's critical to dry out wet or moist regions completely. Moisture may create the ideal circumstances for mold development if left alone. Mold growing in your house can be dangerous for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it may cause structural damage. Below are some other issues mold can contribute to:

  • Odors:  Mold can make an area of your house smell bad.
  • Health: Mold can affect your health
  • Staining:  Mold that is left untreated will often cause a dark stain to form on surfaces where it grows.

By drying out wet regions thoroughly, you may avoid a lot of work by preventing mold from spreading throughout your house.

2. Replace Affected Material that is not able to be restored

If the water damage in your house is caused by black or gray water, you'll need to take additional precautions. Black (or gray) water is contaminated with unclean germs or other substances and may be found outside of buildings and homes. The majority of outside flood water or sewage leak-related water is black (or gray). After being soaked in black water, porous or absorbent items and materials must be replaced.

3. Disinfect The Affected Area

If the water didn't penetrate items that can't absorb water, such as hardwood, plastic, or metal products, they don't need to be replaced. You may disinfect and clean them before returning them to use even if the flooding was black water.

After water damage, you may restore your house to its original condition by preventing mold growth and cleaning up soiled goods. It can be advantageous to engage the help of a restoration company in some or all of the processes so that you may return to your normal routine as soon as feasible.

What Can Mesa Property Owners Do to Prevent Water Damage?

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Text: What can Mesa homeowners do to prevent water damage to their per What can Mesa homeowners do to prevent water damage to their per

Flood damage, pipe leaks, sewer blockages, and appliance breakdowns are all examples of SERVPRO's frequent flood cleanup services. Unfortunately, floods, pipe bursts, sewage backups, and appliance failures can result in hundreds of dollars in repairs to the building in many cases.

SERVPRO of North Central Mesa offers several pieces of advice for property owners in Mesa to prevent water damage in their houses. There are things that homeowners may check on both inside and outside their homes to avoid water damage.

Clogged Gutters Can Cause Issues 

When gutters are clogged with dirt, debris, and leaves, the water cannot flow as it should and instead backs up and over the top of the gutters. The liquid then leaks into cracks around the foundations, causing issues from rotting wood to hydrostatic water damage. Water damage to the attic may result from seepage into the eaves. Cleaning the gutters on a regular basis or using a gutter cover system can prevent seepage into a structure's walls and ceilings.

Checking Inside the Home for Potential Water Damage Concerns

There are numerous places within a home where water damage might occur. Because the damaged walls, ceilings, and flooring may all need to be replaced as a result of a slow leak, it will be more expensive to fix. Water damage is just one of the most common and costly causes of house fires in the United States. While environmental monitoring systems are helpful, it's a good idea for property owners to create a list of each room in their home, including closets and utility areas, and check them over monthly for signs of water damage. Common signs of a water problem include:

  • Water stains on drywall
  • Nails raised out of hardwood floorboards due to prolonged moisture exposure which causes warping
  • Buckling of walls and/ sagging ceilings
  • Corrosive build-up on pipes

Water Use Outside the Home

Rainwater should run away from your house, not pool around it. Look for standing water near the foundation after a rainstorm; these are the places that need to be elevated to divert the water away from the home. Consider downspout extensions as well. To avoid pipe fractures from occurring owing to the cold, sprinklers should be inspected once a year during the winterizing blow-out. The loss of pressure within the system might indicate leaks that need to be fixed. 

Appliances are Another Source of Potential Water Damage

Consider how many appliances in the kitchen need water, such as a fridge with an ice maker and a dishwasher. The washing machine's drain hose should be inspected monthly for cracks and leaks in the pressurized water lines. The average water heater tank holds around 55 gallons for a typical family. Many gallons may flow onto the floor if a failure occurs, resulting in significant water damage to the building and contents. Monitoring systems and routine maintenance can help avoid these problems.

At SERVPRO of North Central Mesa (480)553-7103, we use the most advanced tools and equipment to help you get back on track quickly. Our technicians are backed by cutting-edge technology and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help your property in Mesa.

How a Fast Response to Water Damage Saves Seattle Homeowners Money

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text, "how a quick response to water damage can save you money" "how a quick response to water damage can save you money"

After water damage to Mesa houses, expert professionals can quickly restore them.

Professionals who work with water damage can provide better long-term outcomes and greater value for money than DIY methods. The difference is often a matter of comprehensive, whole services delivered.

SERVPRO is Faster To Any Size Disaster

The rapid response to an emergency is one of the first ways that water restoration firms in Mesa differ from do-it-yourself possibilities. We live by the motto "We're Faster to Any Size Disaster," and we can demonstrate it with our quick response after your damaged home has burst pipes or ceiling leaks.

Mitigation and Emergency Services 

When you have a water damage problem, the faster our experts get working make all the difference in lowering repair costs and time. Getting started quickly improves the effectiveness of:

  • Water Removal/Extraction – Water Damage Mitigation services often hinge on the quickness of water removal services. We have several specialized tools which allow us to extract water from your home quickly. 
  • Content Cleaning/Restoration – The faster we are able to remove water that is damaging your contents, the more likely it is that affected contents can be cleaned and repaired.
  • Property Restoration/Reconstruction - When less water damage occurs because of fast extraction responses, there are generally lower reconstruction costs and timeframes.

Protecting What Matters Most 

Relocating or cleaning contents is another way professional restoration is beneficial. Our technicians provide care and consideration for your valued possessions while we restore these items and the rest of the property.

After a calamity, our SERVPRO of North Central Mesa professionals' quick response and expertise may often save customers money by cleaning or drying their property. Our team at (480) 553-7103 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

Cleaning up your Mesa Property after a Flood or Monsoon

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Text "Cleaning up your Mesa Property after a Flood or Monsoon" Text "Cleaning up your Mesa Property after a Flood or Monsoon"

Floodwaters can quickly flood a house, bringing water, debris, and potentially harmful chemicals or materials into your Mesa home. Many homeowners are unable to obtain flood insurance because of the cost or because it isn't available. Many people try to clean up their damaged property themselves in order to save money after a flood occurs. However, there are several disadvantages to doing things this way.

SERVPRO has been providing flood damage recovery and restoration in the Mesa area since 2011. We've seen the aftermath and destruction caused by floods. We bring a team of specialists as well as high-capacity equipment to remove water, salvage damaged materials, and disinfect all affected regions. Unsalvageable items are removed, and anything that can be restored is saved. Our equipment is designed to successfully remove moisture and dry your house, including hard-to-reach areas.

How Long Does it Take to Dry My Home?

The amount of time it takes to dry a home out can vary a great deal depending on the damage and flooding that has occurred. Some of the factors that affect the dry out times are the size of the area damaged by the water, how long the water was in place before the dry out was started, and the sort of materials used in the construction of the property. Shop vacs and room fans aren't effective at drying items or structures before mold begins to grow out.

SERVPRO uses high-volume air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the afflicted area completely. The initial incident might be dried in two or three days at a home or workplace. Homeowners who attempted to dry their dwellings before contacting our crew may, however, discover additional water damage as a result of the extended exposure. Wood is porous, which means it can absorb moisture and expand. Moisture may creep into concrete walls, making them take longer to dry. Mold colonies might have emerged as well.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call SERVPRO for help in preventing water damage from permeating walls and building materials.

Call SERVPRO of North Central Mesa (480) 553-7103 to assist with flood damage cleanup and restoration of your home or business.

There are multiple approaches to recover flood-damaged Mesa homes

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text, "Water extraction and cleanup in Mesa, AZ homes with basements" text, "Water extraction and cleanup in Mesa, AZ homes with basements"

Basement levels are often prone to flooding, especially in low-lying floodplain zones. Natural flooding is a costly and dangerous problem, so our SERVPRO team responds promptly to assist remove any water or pollutants that are present and by safeguarding belongings and structural elements of the basement level. Most homes in the Mesa, AZ area do not have basements, but some do. If your home does have a basement, this is some information that you might want to read.

Water Removal Services 

Mesa homes are frequently damaged by floods and as a result of severe monsoon storms and hazardous weather. When water remains for an extended period of time, the longer it stands, the more devastating flooding events occur. We have powerful extraction equipment on hand to draw out huge volumes of deep water. Submersible pumps and wet vacuums are commonly used in this process.

Debris Cleanup

Flood damage might cause debris to enter your property. When the water reaches the bottom levels of the property, solids move into this damaged zone as well. After a flood, cleaning and repairing damaged areas entails removing the muck in order to safeguard the underlying materials. During the process we remove: 

Content Protection and Relocation

Basement levels may be utilized as finished living space or storage, and standing water and flooding are not issues in either case. We move belongings and things to safer locations to minimize waste during the course of the job.

Needed Repairs and Reconstruction

Our general contractor license gives us the ability to effectively handle any problem that comes up in your home. SERVPRO's experience, training, and communication skills are supported by our general contractor license. Water penetration in this area of your house may reveal structural flaws that must be addressed or rebuilt to avoid recurring problems.

Our SERVPRO of North Central Mesa has gained a devoted client base because they know we can help them with all sorts of emergency services. We are ready 24/7 when you call (480) 553-7103.

How long will It Take my Mesa Business to Reopen After water Damage Occurs?

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text: How fast can my Mesa business reopen after water damage occurs?" "How fast can my Mesa business reopen after water damage occurs?"

SERVPRO Professionals Come Quickly and Have the Equipment and Techniques to Restore Mesa Houses to Their Pre-loss Condition

There are a number of factors that influence the outcome for a commercial structure and contents following water damage in Mesa. The kind of water within the structure is one of the most significant. After 48-hours, the water degrades to the point it requires handling as a category 2 or 3 which requires more extensive cleaning. The speed with which mitigation efforts were begun is also significant. Due to the potential of untrained water extractors to miss areas of water, it is vital to bring in a professional restoration services company with detection equipment to locate all areas of water migration.

What is the Fastest Way to Get Commercial Water Cleanup?

Finding out that your firm has water damage can be very frustrating! SERVPRO experts understand that you want to reopen as soon as possible, but they also place a value on safety. Water mitigation hazards include:

  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Contaminants in the water can be harmful.
  • Water outlets or electronics are potential shock sources.

SERVPRO technicians frequently use yellow safety tape and, in the situation of contaminated water, plastic barriers over the damaged area to prevent individuals from aspirating or coming into contact with the water when only a portion of the structure is damaged.

Winning Tactics for Limiting Damage to a Professional Space

There are several documents that need to be secured when a business invests in equipment. If these items are not removed before the arrival of the technicians on-site, all you have to do is inform the SERVPRO Crew Chief. That person will make certain that anything required receives top priority.

Computers, routers, switches, and servers are particularly susceptible to high humidity. These components should never be tested on-site. If there are any questions about the functioning capability of any equipment, the technicians may request an industry expert to check and test it to assure that it is safe for reusability.

Elements of an Organized Pack-Out

During water mitigation operations, it's possible to work around desks, chairs, and cubicles. The procedure may be sped up if the things are taken away and stored at a secure location utilized by SERVPRO. The Content removal process goes like this: 

  • Each item is photographed and its exact location noted.
  • Anything that needs cleaning or drying is moved to a cleaning station first.
  • The final storage place is recorded.
  • Everything from the tiniest thing to the biggest piece is returned to its original spot after mitigation procedures.

What Are Some Common Issues During Commercial Water Damage Cleanup?

The flooring takes the majority of the abuse after a pipe burst or there is a bathroom backup. The delamination process begins swiftly in offices with glue-down carpets or tile. While these materials are being examined for their potential recyclability thorough cleaning and drying, they generally need to be disposed of. Most permeable materials have no repair possibilities due to the tainted nature of wastewater in cases where sewage is involved.

Concrete is a porous material that necessitates special drying treatments to remove trapped water from it. Efflorescence, which is formed by the salts and minerals that rise to the top, may remain on top; however, it can be readily removed.

After commercial water damage, the walls and baseboards in your home require significant care. While baseboards may typically be taken out, dried, and reinstalled, sheetrock is a different story. It wicks water rapidly upwards and bends or bows quickly after being exposed to water. After the above procedure, technicians measure several inches above the highest mark and cleanly shear off the damaged area. This makes replacement of a new sheetrock panel and subsequent sealing with a joint compound and sanded smooth. There are no indications of controlled demolition after repainting.

The final problem in most water damage situations is the stench. No one wants to visit a business or work in an area that smells musty. SERVPRO's specialized technicians have odor-eliminating technologies at the molecular level available.

SERVPRO of North Central Mesa, at (480) 553-7103, can help you with any size commercial water cleanup on your property. To get the greatest results, contact us as soon as possible.

Fast Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Mesa AZ

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Text "SERVPRO provides fast fire damage restoration For your Mesa AZ Business" "SERVPRO provides fast fire damage restoration For your Mesa AZ Business"

SERVPRO of North Central Mesa provides fire damage cleanup and restoration to Mesa warehouses and other structures.

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup in Mesa, AZ

Many partners are crucial to the success of Mesa's company enterprises. Delivery and shipping, suppliers, local utilities, and government all work together to enable efficient operations. SERVPRO is another important local Mesa partner when there is a fire!

SERVPRO of North Central Mesa collaborates with local Mesa businesses to provide emergency fire damage repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We recognize the importance of your company returning to normal operations following a fire. We use our established fire recovery procedure, which includes:

  • Inspection and Assessment
  • Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup Plans
  • Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) Set up
  • Immediate Board-Up and Roof-Tarps provided (if needed)
  • Remove moisture and dry out structures and contents
  • Removing Smoke residue and soot from all surfaces
  • Structural and Content Cleaning and Repair
  • Fire Restoration Reconstruction

The sooner we can get smoke and soot out of surfaces, the easier and less time-consuming it is. For a quick response, contact us right away.

Mistakes Property Owners Make Dealing with Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage can be a traumatic experience for a business. Not only is there the physical damage to contend with, but there is also the emotional toll of the fire. Many business owners make mistakes when dealing with fire damage restoration. Some of these mistakes are:

1) Waiting too long to call for help. The sooner you call for help, the sooner we can start mitigating the damages.

2) Trying to do everything themselves. This can lead to further damages and missed opportunities for restoration.

3) Not having an emergency plan in place. This can lead to chaos and further damages during the restoration process.

Call SERVPRO of North Central Mesa for Fire Damage Restoration in Mesa, AZ, and surrounding East Valley areas. We are available 24/7. Call (480) 553-7103.

8 Steps to protect your Property before a fire

11/24/2021 (Permalink)

According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2019, commercial property fires resulted in $4.3 billion worth of damage, 1,200 injuries, and 110 deaths. We have done hundreds of residential and commercial property fire inspections and have seen the necessity for water and fire restoration first-hand. During our inspections, I find areas that need immediate attention when it comes to fire safety. The Mesa, AZ community has lost 2 major restaurants (Sizzler and The Hub) over the past year due to fire damage along with several other businesses which have been temporarily closed for fire-related issues. Correcting and identifying these 8 concerns will help protect your family, employees, or tenants and property in the event of a fire. an explanation of each will be provided below.

  1. Performing Regular Inspections
  2. Having Visible Exit Signs
  3. Testing Alarms
  4. Conducting fire drills
  5. Communicating your Emergency Plan to Family members or Staff
  6. Creating an electronic version of your plan for easy access
  7. Decluttering halls and doorways
  8. Having properly working fire extinguishers and performing routine inspections on them

Performing Regular Inspections

Every year, businesses should have their fire alarms, extinguishers, sprinklers, and lights inspected. Many firms submit to yearly maintenance in complete disregard of the fact that it is required by law. By failing to maintain your fire safety equipment over time, it might erode away and produce faulty equipment.

After a thorough examination, the inspection business will provide you with a report. The report will contain information such as the date of the inspection, the property's name and address, type of occupancy, any problems that must be addressed, and contact information for the building owner and those interviewed during the inspection. You must keep this document on file for at least 2 years, but it is smart to keep records for a 5-year rolling basis.

One of the most common reasons for missed inspections is due to owners being away. Schedule inspections at a time when you know you'll be able to attend and set a reminder for yourself.

Visible Exit Signs

Another thing that many people overlook is maintaining the building's exit lights. During a fire, things may become chaotic and perplexing. Smoke might cloud vision and make it difficult to find your way around your regular office area. Exit signs with light make it more likely that people will be able to see where they're meant to go and how to escape the building.

These exit signs should be kept in good condition and if they're damaged, second-hand, or counterfeit may be illegal and found out upon inspection.

When a power outage occurs, emergency exit signs are programmed to switch over to emergency power. These illuminated signs must be tested on a regular basis by the tenant to ensure they function properly. This might involve pressing the test button on the sign's side in order to verify that it activates correctly to the standby energy source.

Testing Alarms and Conducting Fire Drills

Fire alarms are frequently regarded as the most essential component of a business's safety program. When an alarm goes off, the people inside have no doubt that a danger exists and they must evacuate.

You should have your renters test the fire alarm system on a regular basis. The majority of systems may be tested through the control panel. Set your control panel to test mode, which means it will not call the fire department and press the button again to activate the alarms. For other types of security, you may need to manually set off the alarms by opening an alarm lever box with a master key and pushing the button within. Keep track of each activating gadget's response to the test and a list of all devices that were activated. If one or more alarms are not working, this data can assist a specialist in finding the

Business owners should perform regular fire drills as part of their emergency action plan. These exercises allow employees to practice getting out and any gaps in the plan that need to be addressed. Although fire drills aren't required by state or federal law, I still recommend performing them on a regular basis to ensure employee safety.

Communicating Your Emergency Action Plan

Businesses that use commercial property should have written emergency action plans in place for employees to ensure that everyone understands the exit routes and what fire emergency procedures are in place.

According to OSHA, employers and employees should have emergency action plans that cover the actions they must take to assure their safety during fire situations. These activities include determining which equipment needs to be shut down and when fire suppression efforts are required. The company owner must guarantee that all workers are knowledgeable on fire suppression procedures and escape routes for each office location.

To go through the emergency action plan with each person at particular intervals, such as when it's created, when an employee's responsibilities change, and when the plan is updated.

Having a digital version of the emergency plan easily accessible

Having a plan in place it great, but let's be honest, in an emergency, we tend to forget things. Having a digital version of the emergency plan on a mobile device is the easiest way to keep everyone on the same page. SERVPRO's free ERP (Emergency Ready Plan) is a great way to have emergency plan information at everyone's fingertips when disaster strikes. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple IOS and Google Play Stores. If you have questions or would like help setting up an ERP for your business or household contact the SERVPRO of North Central Mesa Marketing Department and we will schedule a time to assist you with that.

Decluttering of Walls and Doorways

Many commercial building owners need to keep their tenants informed about the number of wall coverings in the hallways and offices. Copy rooms with jumbled papers and cluttered workplaces are high-risk fire zones, as are extensive bulletin boards covered in paper. A tiny flame may transform these regions into an uncontrollable inferno.

I frequently come across blocked emergency exit doors during my inspections. I advise tenants to inspect their doorways for clear egress on a regular basis. Moved any boxes, equipment, or trash from the doorway in order to expedite the evacuation process.

Fire Extinguishers

In commercial buildings, multipurpose fire extinguishers rated class A, B, and C are required to put out small fires involving wood, paper, oils, and gases. According to OSHA recommendations, extinguishers should be installed 75 feet apart throughout the structure.

Check to see whether your fire extinguishers are properly labeled and within the required weight or gauge limit. The label on the side of the extinguisher will reveal this information. If your fire extinguishers aren't at the correct levels, replace them or recharge them after each use.

Some property management firms charge the tenants for fire extinguishers, while others will supply them. The tenant must be held liable if the building owner demands that they provide the fire extinguishers.

Following these fire safety instructions will guarantee that your tenants and property are safer in the event of a fire. If you have any questions regarding your fire safety system or plan, please contact your local fire department in the Mesa area.

Preparing Your Children for Local Emergencies

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Preparing your children for local emergenices with fire and fire fighter in the background Preparing Your Children for Local Emergencies

I remember when I was watching the 1989 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Oakland A's with my youth group. I was living in Bakersfield, CA at the time which is about 5 hours south of the bay area where a major earthquake in the middle of game 3 on a Wednesday night. We had a long discussion about what we would do as a group to support each other if we were in that situation. Growing up in California we had tons of drills to prepare for what to do if an earthquake hit because we were always told the next major earthquake was "just around the corner." After living in California most of my life my family moved out to Florida right after hurricane Andrew and we dealt with several hurricanes, Tropical Storms, and other crazy flooding events during my time there.

Now that I am raising my family in the Mesa, AZ area my kids don't have the earthquake drills or hurricane drills I had growing up. The other day I was thinking to myself, would they know what to do if a major natural event happened here? Would they know what to do if a massive monsoon hit our area and my wife and I weren't there to tell them what to do?

Will your youngster know what to do if the unexpected happens? Disaster may hit anywhere, and it's usually with no notice. If your kid is put in an emergency scenario and doesn't know what to do, they could be severely harmed or experience serious anxiety for years afterward. In the event of a catastrophe, your child can feel more secure, confident

Preparing Our Children

In the end, educating our youth about preparedness tactics and advice requires the assistance of everyone in the community. Children will learn the significance of a crisis and strive to become classroom and neighborhood leaders, ensuring that everyone is ready for the next catastrophe if everyone contributes their part. The United States Department of Education, the American Red Cross, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have collaborated to develop the National Strategy for Youth Preparedness Education, which lays out a vision for prepared kids in the United States and how communities may realize it. This paper aims to educate young people and their parents so that communities may better

With 10 easy steps, you can prepare children for emergencies and disasters.

The National Strategy describes nine essential phases that individuals and organizations at all levels of government should follow in order to form a strong and prepared youth community. Here's how you can help your children prepare for a variety of emergencies and catastrophes:

  1. Make it a priority. Making youth preparedness learning programs in schools and civic groups more important enables youngsters to comprehend that being ready is essential in all aspects of their lives.
  2. Examine. If existing youth preparedness programs aren't sufficient, design instructions, tools, and up-to-date protective measures to ensure that the children in your community are given sound guidance.
  3. Support. Parents should engage with communities, local organizations, and schools to prepare their children for an emergency along with other parents in the community.
  4. Connect. Create a connection between local youngsters and the first responder community. As a result of this, your children will be more understanding of how first responders act in an emergency scenario, and they will be more inclined to assist them.
  5. Prepare. Allow your children to become advocates in their neighborhoods and schools to prepare for emergencies before they happen.
  6. Make Family preparedness key. Schools, by their nature, promote broad community participation, so promoting family-based preparedness activities that include curriculum, drills, and specific exercises for all local disasters in the home and in the community can help your children understand what to do when faced with an emergency.
  7. Improve Communication. Coordinate efforts among families, churches, and community organizations to obtain up-to-date information on youth readiness best practices for your community. Local officials can also act as advocates by discussing your region's demands, particularly if it is vulnerable to natural calamities.
  8. Social Media. Identify how you can incorporate youth preparedness education into youth culture. Use social media or local advertising to start a discussion about the value and efficacy of preparedness programs, for example.
  9. Create. Create a long-term approach that recruits, trains, and delivers useful programs to teach kids in your area. Because certain places are known to experience recurrent natural calamities, it's critical to develop a strategy that is tailored to your community's demands.

Your children can get training to feel secure in the face of a disaster if you follow these nine priority steps. When disaster strikes, having the skills they need to understand how to prepare for, respond to, and rebound from a variety of disasters might make all the difference.

The Mesa, AZ Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program provides Mesa AZ area citizens with opportunities to learn basic emergency response skills.

Use SERVPRO's free Emergency Ready Plan App to work with children to prepare for emergencies in the home and let them share their experiences with their neighbors. SERVPRO's Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) app is available free of charge in the Google Play and Apple IOS App Store.