Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Window Board Up in Mesa AZ

Window Board up at American Medical Training Institute in Mesa, AZWhen a car drove through the front window of the AMTI they called SERVPRO of North Central Mes... READ MORE

Commercial Bio-hazard Job in Mesa AZ

Bio-hazard Cleanup in Mesa AZThis was a blood-borne biohazard job from a suicide at a local Apartment complex in Mesa AZ. We were called out to the job in the m... READ MORE

Water destroys office and ruins paperwork.

SERVPRO saves paperwork with Sublimation Sublimation: A process in which a substance is converted directly from a solid to a gas or from a gas to a solid witho... READ MORE

Electronic Power tool cleaning.

Cleaning Electronics It's one of the most delicate things that we clean. If you use too strong on a cleaning product it can damage the item, if you don't use en... READ MORE

Protecting the Family jewels... after the Haboob

HABOOB TEARS OFF ROOF OF A PAWN SHOP2015 during monsoon season there was a Haboob storm that tore through the Mesa area. It affected many building, but this com... READ MORE

Storm Damage in a Commercial Armory

SERVPRO DOES NOT MOVE WEAPONSGuns are common, some people have them for protection, some have them for entertainment. This commercial property was a Pawn shop a... READ MORE