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How to Avoid Water Damage in your Office From Fire Sprinkler Systems

11/24/2021 (Permalink)

How to Avoid Water Damage from Fire Sprinkler Systems with fire sprinkler in background How to Avoid Water Damage from Fire Sprinkler Systems

Here come the holidays! While it is a great time of year to get away from work, You should make sure your offices are as prepared for the holidays as you are if they are going to be empty for days or weeks at a time

While fire sprinklers are almost certainly a required component of any company, it is critical to conduct regular sprinkler maintenance to ensure the proper functioning and minimize the risk of early discharge. When performing routine maintenance, you should pay attention to at least four areas.

  1. Check the sprinklers for Surface Damage
  2. Check the Sprinklers for Separation of Parts
  3. Make sure temperature controls are working properly
  4. Check for Vandalism of Sprinkler System

Checking Sprinklers for Surface Damage

While inspecting your sprinkler system, you may come across areas of corrosion. This can be normal damage; however, if it is not dealt with, it can lead to a burst pipe, as rusting weakens the waterline. To prevent corrosion, you should inspect your sprinkler system for any minor leaks and repair them once found.

Checking the Sprinkler System for Parts Separation

If you come across sprinkler heads that are showing signs of separation, this can be an indication of mechanical damage. In this instance, complete separation can occur from minimal impact, resulting in an open water line and causing flooding in your building. If you notice signs of separation, you should immediately call in a professional to remedy the situation.

Make Sure Temperature Controls are Working Properly

Fire sprinklers cannot differentiate between heat from a heating unit and heat from a fire. If the sprinklers sense a temperature above a certain level, they may be triggered. Additionally, heat is not the only thing you have to be concerned about when performing sprinkler maintenance checks, as frigid temperatures can cause freezing in the sprinkler lines, which can lead to separation and failure of the pipes. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a consistent temperature in areas where sprinklers are located and to avoid any drastic fluctuations.

Check Sprinkler Systems for Possible Vandalism

An unfortunate need for inspection is the possibility of vandalism. Whatever the reasoning behind the vandalism, the culprit may cause significant damage to your sprinkler system that is not immediately evident, leading to a delayed event that is meant to produce the most damage possible.

As sprinkler systems are typically a requirement in commercial buildings in Mesa, AZ. It is essential to maintain them properly to ensure their effective operation. Sprinkler maintenance does not have to be a complicated process and can be simple when you know the most common areas to check.

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